Friday, February 22, 2013

Mastering Mind: Defining Work

I’ve talked before about some of my scheduling difficulties.  Working odd hours and odd days can be quite confusing and sometimes when I’m working it doesn’t really look like work.  Or what I think other people perceive as work.

At times, I feel the need to justify what I call work.  Today is a perfect example;  I am writing this post on Friday morning (about 11am, but set to post at 3pm) at my makeshift desk at our kitchen table in yoga pants and sweatshirt.  I haven’t even showered yet.  I consider this work because blogging gets my creative juices following; necessary fuel to help me write articles for work or maybe some day author all the books I have titled in my head.  Later, I will read.  I am currently reading 2 work related books; I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me and Optimal Functioning.  Reading these books will make me a better clinician, but I doubt most people just get to read and call it work.  Later still, I might find time to study for the next licensing exam I need to take.

This will all be done from home, which could mean, no shower required and my uniform remains yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  Not a normal “work day".”

Yesterday is another good (but strikingly different) example.  I showered, wore work clothes and went to the office; saw 4 clients, conducted 5 intern interviews, spoke to the mother of a client about a future treatment plan and drank a lot of coffee.  However my business was conducted from 11am to 7pm (not the normal 9 to 5 gig).

My definition of work changes daily.  Next week on what is typically considered a work from home day, I’ll be attending two very different types of training; a meditation training and a Mood Disorders discussion lead by Kay Redfield Jamison.

Do any of you work non-conventional jobs or odd hours?  How do you define work?

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