Friday, February 15, 2013

Mastering Mind: Organizing

I went on an organizing spree this week!

A portion of my week, is spent in the office, with clients, co-workers, books and tons of paper.  The other portion of my week is spent at home with even more books and paper.  I constantly feel like the “Incredible Traveling Counselor,” moving piles of paper and books from one “office” to the other, because sometimes I work on projects that can be done in both places.

The Pilot finally got annoyed with my piles of paper that are overtaking the house and we formed the start of a game plan.  I woke up the next day and went into major work mode.  At my home office, I started making piles (work, personal, go to the office, trash, etc) and based on those piles bought desktop organizers to have at home.

Then, anything that was in the “go to the office” pile made it’s way to work and then I cleaned and organized everything at work!

Finally, the organizing stretched slightly into my personal life and I organized my nightstand drawer, which my entire life has served as a “catch all” drawer.

As the days have drawn on, my organizing rate has decreased, but I’m hoping to get back into mode today, as I attempt to start organizing me receipts for taxes Winking smile

When all this organizing is finally done, I will happily be showing you the finished product.  For the time being, I’m enjoying knowing where everything is!!

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