Monday, July 27, 2009

information overload & droopy eyes

I caved. I joined Twitter. More so for my own entertainment, than for the need to gather followers. On Friday night, I found myself carrying on internal dialogue in the form of tweets or Facebook status updates, so Saturday morning I joined, so I could stop talking to myself in fragmented sentences.

Staring at the computer screen to write papers, tweet or blog is making my eyes tired. But, even worse I am just physically and mentally exhausted. All. The. Time.

The Pilot says it is because of my new intense (half-marathon) training schedule. If that is the case, I am screwed. I am beginning to lose my energy to follow that. I am canceling plans with very understanding friends. I am crying over spilled milk. I am going to bed angry at the Pilot because he isn't tired and therefore I'm tossing and turning with the light on. I am over-scheduling and under-performing. I am guzzling coffee to the point of shaking. I feel like I cannot catch a break and get ahead. My to-do lists are enormous and continue to grow, despite successfully completing some tasks.

My emotional response to my move has been unexpected and overwhelming. Many issues are arising within me that warrant a, "I'll have to work on that," insight response. So add self-improvement to the to-do list.

All in all, I am tired of being tired.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Digs. New Determination.

At the end of May my roommate and I packed up our "too small" apartment in "too far away" Lincoln Square and moved into a huge garden apartment in "trendy" Wicker Park. Three weeks later, I received a frantic phone call from my roommate, "the apartment is flooding."

So...I moved back in with my parents. For more reasons than a flooded, mold-growing apartment. But for reasons too personal to disclose here. The Pilot discussed the situation in eloquent fashion, "If not biblical, it's certainly literary. A flood. Then re-birth."

I'm adjusting to the new living situation, slowly. But the one thing keeping me sane is my determination to throw myself completely into my half marathon training. That's right, after one successful 8 mile run I decided I had enough distance behind me to spend the money and run 13.1 miles in September.

I have so many blog ideas running through my head. It is so hard to get them down as quickly as I think of them. I promise to write more regularly- especially to update on my half-marathon training progress.

Good luck out there ;-)
(That's an ode to Ben, btw)