Thursday, August 20, 2009

let the cleverness ensue

Operation 2-0-rlando!!

Get it?! I have to lose two-oh (20) pounds to go to Orlando ;-) Clever?

This morning my weight was exactly the same as yesterdays! I am fine with that. After breakfast, lunch and a 5 mile run I had actually lost weight.
Today I weighed:

Dinner was yummy tacos cooked by my glorious boyfriend. Who, then, tried to deny me beer! It's lite beer- back off Pilot!

Motivation was tough to come by today. Being lazy just seems to be easier, you know? After going back and forth a million times about whether or not to run, I got my ass in gear and made a decision to just hop on the treadmill and do it. I told myself I would go until I could not anymore and ended up running 5 miles in 56:23! How is that for an amazing turn around?! I also did more ab work; 20 reps of each exercise.

I sold some clothes to Plato's Closet this week. On a positive note, I took the money to pay down my credit card debt, but I am kind of sad because I sold the dress I wore on my first date with the Pilot. He didn't even like it, but I'm sentimental and I feel like I shouldn't have gotten rid of it so hastily. Boo!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

broken cameras & rain will not slow me down

I stepped on the scale this morning and my camera would NOT turn on! So now, I have to (gasp!) actually type this morning's weight. Which is fine because it is less than yesterdays ;-)

Today I weighed:

I had to babysit all day today so I packed my Vera Bradley lunchbox to the brim with goodies. However, after a delayed train (due to inclement weather) put me behind schedule, I had to buy dinner. A sandwich from Corner Bakery won and I only ate half of it!

20 is my magic number; so this morning I did several different ab exercises at 2 sets of 20. I have got to find fun and interesting ways to keep my eyes on the prize. Incorporating the number 20, as much as possible, into everything I do is 1 way I intend to do that.

"In the distance the clanging electronic bell of the Fremont Bridge announced its impending ascension and Mira imagined the small blue expanse rising in the misty morning like a backhanded salute to Seattle's crazed morning commuters."
Chapter 18 of "Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe" contained this wonderfully written sentence and I wanted to share it; just 'cause.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

20 lbs in 20 weeks

My crazy boyfriend is running the Goofy Challenge in Orlando next January. We have been planning a vacation to surround this adventure since this January. In a fit of hallucinations during a 20 mile run on Sunday the Pilot decided to strike me a deal-

Lose 20 pounds by the day we leave and he will fund the whole trip!!!

He got tired of hearing me complain about wanting to lose weight and doing nothing about it. Most recently, I've actually cried and called myself ugly, but continued to stuff my face with nachos!! He realized that nothing motivates more than money and voila!

I have 21 weeks from today to succeed.

Last night I weighed:

This morning I weighed:
What a difference 12 hours makes!

I'm watching my calories, but not denying myself anything. So far today I've had 1/4 cup of egg beaters, 4 slices of turkey bacon, Dannon yogurt mixed with fiber one cereal, a handful of almonds, 100 calorie bagel topped with hummus and cucumber slices, english muffin with whipped butter and a Kashi dark chocolate coconut bar. I'm stuffed! But looking forward to chili for dinner!

In addition to starting this challenge today I ran sprints and made it around the track once in 00:01:56!! I am ready to make some serious changes.

I'm hoping to win awesome goodies from I Run I sweat to help me along in this process!


Stress battles my body and always wins. If I am too stressed for too long, I get sick. Or I suffer from serious sleep disturbances.

My father lost his job on Friday and the first question the Pilot asked was, "Are you going to be able to sleep tonight?" Yesterday morning, I woke up slightly before my 5:30 alarm to a boyfriend saying, "I'm wide awake and I have watching you try to sleep for the last two hours."

He admitted that he had remained awake to stroke my back for an hour to keep me asleep. My restless sleep is, apparently, very loud. I toss and turn, grind my teeth and last night, I actually whimpered. My poor boyfriend!!

I turned my alarm off and skipped my last day of class, forgoing the points for a presentation due. I needed the sleep and after the decision was made the Pilot was finally able to sleep as well. I crawled out of bed at 10:30.

Now however, I can't sleep again! I'm hoping Tylenol PM is a miracle drug because the Pilot and I are in separate beds and there will be no back rubs or hands through my hair tonight. I am so blessed to have him my life.

I've caught a great guy, now if only I could catch some zzz's!