Tuesday, August 18, 2009

20 lbs in 20 weeks

My crazy boyfriend is running the Goofy Challenge in Orlando next January. We have been planning a vacation to surround this adventure since this January. In a fit of hallucinations during a 20 mile run on Sunday the Pilot decided to strike me a deal-

Lose 20 pounds by the day we leave and he will fund the whole trip!!!

He got tired of hearing me complain about wanting to lose weight and doing nothing about it. Most recently, I've actually cried and called myself ugly, but continued to stuff my face with nachos!! He realized that nothing motivates more than money and voila!

I have 21 weeks from today to succeed.

Last night I weighed:

This morning I weighed:
What a difference 12 hours makes!

I'm watching my calories, but not denying myself anything. So far today I've had 1/4 cup of egg beaters, 4 slices of turkey bacon, Dannon yogurt mixed with fiber one cereal, a handful of almonds, 100 calorie bagel topped with hummus and cucumber slices, english muffin with whipped butter and a Kashi dark chocolate coconut bar. I'm stuffed! But looking forward to chili for dinner!

In addition to starting this challenge today I ran sprints and made it around the track once in 00:01:56!! I am ready to make some serious changes.

I'm hoping to win awesome goodies from I Run I sweat to help me along in this process!

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