Thursday, August 20, 2009

let the cleverness ensue

Operation 2-0-rlando!!

Get it?! I have to lose two-oh (20) pounds to go to Orlando ;-) Clever?

This morning my weight was exactly the same as yesterdays! I am fine with that. After breakfast, lunch and a 5 mile run I had actually lost weight.
Today I weighed:

Dinner was yummy tacos cooked by my glorious boyfriend. Who, then, tried to deny me beer! It's lite beer- back off Pilot!

Motivation was tough to come by today. Being lazy just seems to be easier, you know? After going back and forth a million times about whether or not to run, I got my ass in gear and made a decision to just hop on the treadmill and do it. I told myself I would go until I could not anymore and ended up running 5 miles in 56:23! How is that for an amazing turn around?! I also did more ab work; 20 reps of each exercise.

I sold some clothes to Plato's Closet this week. On a positive note, I took the money to pay down my credit card debt, but I am kind of sad because I sold the dress I wore on my first date with the Pilot. He didn't even like it, but I'm sentimental and I feel like I shouldn't have gotten rid of it so hastily. Boo!

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