Friday, June 5, 2015

Mastering Mind, Body & Spirit: Let’s try this again

I want to blog.  I’ve always wanted to blog.  I’ve got things to say (even if they are only for my own benefit).

What I am finding is that this blog is a small example of a larger problematic pattern that occurs in my life; my inability to follow through on commitments.

While the blog is a years long example of my habit of starting and stopping things, a painful example made it’s way into my life in the way of my first postpartum half marathon (yes I had a baby, more about that in another post).  I signed up for this half marathon while I was still pregnant and my baby is 7 months old.  I had plenty of time to train for this race and I just didn’t.

But, I ran it anyways.

I learned a lot about my mental power and incredible body during those 13.1 miles, but I’m paying for it now.  I am in so much joint pain.

This is a long way of saying, I feel pain when I’m inspired to write and I don’t do it.  I feel twinges of pain when I say I’m going to do something and I can’t keep those promises to myself (or others).  Lack of motivation and lack of follow through is painful; mentally, physically and emotionally/spiritually.

However, I also have a tendency to try again.  Even though I’ve experienced the pain. I want to blog.  So…

Let’s try this again.