Sunday, September 27, 2009

Healthy enough to run an 8k

I had my annual physical this week.  And received all good news.  I've lost 10 lbs since my physical last year and have high cholesterol because my good cholesterol is through the roof high.  It's falsely elevated!

My weight this week has maintained itself at the mid 160's place, but I am still working.  I ran an 8k race this morning in 53:22 and I allowed the Pilot to whip me into shape at the gym on Friday.  I have also been incorporating more Yoga into my training plan.

Sidebar,  I'm so excited to have Biggest Loser back in my life!  It is so motivating!

I'm tired.  On a whim, the Pilot and I went out until 4am on Friday night, I babysit until 1am this morning and then woke up at 6:40 to leave for the race.  I keep having plans to work on practicum stuff and I have not done so all weekend.  And when I say I'm just gonna rest and relax I end up not doing that either.  My eyes are burning because I'm so tired!

I'm looking forward to ordering my pear and gorgonzola pizza from California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and eating my cookie jar blizzard for dessert.  I had alcohol on Friday night and now I'm ready for another 3 weeks without it.  And after a debilitating headache on Wednesday night I have decided to give up coffee for a little while again; back to green tea.  I confess, though, I might have to squeeze in a pumpkin spice latte here or there ;-)

I've had a couple of babysitting jobs for date nights which are barely holding me over financially.  However, tomorrow I have an interview for hopefully something a little bit more permenant.  I need/want the money to pay off my debt and then hopefuly pursue a new dream I've got cooking!

GO STEELERS!  The Pilot and I went to the embrassing Steelers vs. Bears game.  Obviously, we do not agree on who to root for.  I wish I could say the Steelers are looking better this week, but they really aren't.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I registered to run an 8k on Sunday! #win5000

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

dropping weight

This morning I weighed:

It was the rocky road ice cream dessert I had yesterday ;-)

Yesterday was uneventful.  I had to have dinner provided for me while I was babysitting.  Luckily, Cindy had just made a HUGE batch of vegetarian soup.  It was very good and filling!  Unfortunately, I came home and snacked on a couple of things.

I'm feeling incredibly dehydrated, but the taste of water just is not cutting it right now.  I hate that!  I can proudly report, however, that I have not had a sip of alcohol in about three weeks!  Two weeks before the half I decided to stop until after the race, but I did not really miss it, I was not craving it, and it was not what I needed to celebrate my running success, so I still have not had any!

I finally forced myself to do my first "post-race-not-training-for-anything" weights workout.  I did 1 exercise (3 sets of 8) for each major muscle group.  I even managed to challenge myself a little bit, which included trying a dumbbell chest press with 25lbs (after 5, I couldn't do anymore and basically dropped the weight on my boob!). 

I was hoping the urge to run would strick me.  But it was just too hot in the gym to hop on the treadmill because it's game day and I had to work out in my Florida State gear (which is a pants outfit).  So basically I chose fashion over working out ;-)

We've got big black and gold plans for tomorrow!  I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Cindy can do it, So can I

I need to master this!  Congratulations to Cindy, who already has!

Friday, September 18, 2009

BIG changes

I was a very happy girl this morning!  This morning my post-run weight was:

On top of that spectacular weight, I ran 3 miles in 32:44!  My run on Tuesday was 34:10.  My after half-marathon goal is to really speed up my 5k times and these 2 runs make it look like I'm moving in the right direction.

How can I have an after half-marathon goal, you ask?  Well, because I completed my first half on Sunday!! 

This is my best friend and I after completing the run in 2:48:32.  It was her second half-marathon and she can run much faster than me, but she was by my side the whole time, cheering me on and we crossed the finish line together.  The Pilot finished in 1:41!!  We passed him during an out and back portion of the race and it gave me a smile for miles!

Hopefully, you've noticed the name change on the blog.  I realized if I wanted to increase readership, titling my blog "I don't know what I'm doing" probably was not the way to get people to stop by and check it out.  I am also really going to start chronicling on three major areas of my life.  First up, follow along as I finish up my masters degree and transition into the real world of therapy!  Second, continue to watch me run as a means to remain healthy.  I am also trying to lose weight but I do not know if this will turn into a daily food blog like so many of the blogs featured in my blog roll.  Lastly,  I will post (sometimes) about what is going on in my life as me and the Pilot rediscover our Catholic faith together.  RCIA anyone?

If you start to like what you see going on around here, please comment and spread my name throughout the blogworld!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

name change help!

There are blogs I read daily because the authors of those blogs manage to post daily.  I want to do that!

Until, I can figure out a way to fit that into my schedule I'll leave you with a peek at what is keeping me so busy; Practicum.

I think I might have fixed my camera, so check back to see how Operation 2-0-rlando is going.

I want change the title of my blog.  It turns out do know what I am doing and I would like to convey that, so that people actually read the blog.  Any ideas?