Sunday, September 27, 2009

Healthy enough to run an 8k

I had my annual physical this week.  And received all good news.  I've lost 10 lbs since my physical last year and have high cholesterol because my good cholesterol is through the roof high.  It's falsely elevated!

My weight this week has maintained itself at the mid 160's place, but I am still working.  I ran an 8k race this morning in 53:22 and I allowed the Pilot to whip me into shape at the gym on Friday.  I have also been incorporating more Yoga into my training plan.

Sidebar,  I'm so excited to have Biggest Loser back in my life!  It is so motivating!

I'm tired.  On a whim, the Pilot and I went out until 4am on Friday night, I babysit until 1am this morning and then woke up at 6:40 to leave for the race.  I keep having plans to work on practicum stuff and I have not done so all weekend.  And when I say I'm just gonna rest and relax I end up not doing that either.  My eyes are burning because I'm so tired!

I'm looking forward to ordering my pear and gorgonzola pizza from California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and eating my cookie jar blizzard for dessert.  I had alcohol on Friday night and now I'm ready for another 3 weeks without it.  And after a debilitating headache on Wednesday night I have decided to give up coffee for a little while again; back to green tea.  I confess, though, I might have to squeeze in a pumpkin spice latte here or there ;-)

I've had a couple of babysitting jobs for date nights which are barely holding me over financially.  However, tomorrow I have an interview for hopefully something a little bit more permenant.  I need/want the money to pay off my debt and then hopefuly pursue a new dream I've got cooking!

GO STEELERS!  The Pilot and I went to the embrassing Steelers vs. Bears game.  Obviously, we do not agree on who to root for.  I wish I could say the Steelers are looking better this week, but they really aren't.

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