Monday, February 18, 2013

Mastering Body: An Active Rest Day

My fitness routine has been all over the map recently.  A little bit of running.  The occasional yoga class.  Sometimes I throw a weight lifting session in there for good measure. Nothing constant and nothing consistent. 

This past week has been a bit better.  Thanks to two very important people.  My first helper is my incredible husband, the Pilot, who sat down with me last weekend and together we planned our entire race schedule from March to November (blog post to come).

The other major support last week, was Rachel from Poor Girl Organics.  Rachel and I work together and our schedules were such this week that we managed to support each other through 2 work outs this week.

On Monday, we walked to the gym we are both members of and she rode the bike while I did a weight lifting session.  It was only 30 minutes out of our day, but having the accountability of another person, was extremely helpful for me to actually get me to the gym (I have no idea how it effected her).

Then on Wednesday, the sun made an amazing appearance after several days of non-existence.  Not only did it fill the day with plenty of light, it also warmed the earth, I was so inspired, I needed to get outside.  So Rachel and I set out on a nice leisurely walk to the closest Starbucks (which was 1.1 miles away). It was so physically, emotionally, and spiritually refreshing and a great way to spend an hour with a beautiful friend.

Wednesday was my active rest day. So, I went on a two mile walk with Rachel and then did a very light yoga work out.  That rest day was sandwiched in between half marathon training and consistent weight training.

It was a great week, with great activity and a great support system.

What do you do on your active rest days?

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