Monday, February 11, 2013

Mastering Body: Reflexology

My physical activity motivation has really been low recently.  I’ll have spurts of good activity level, but then I’ll succumb to long draughts of inactivity. So, I don’t really feel qualified (not that I ever was) to talk about working out/running right now, as means of discussing how I’m Mastering my Body.

Further, while I feel as though I am making improvements in my eating habits, I also don’t feel prepared or qualified to be talking about that subject, yet.  I think part of me is scared the better habits, won’t stick, as we know is a pattern around here.  So, I’m waiting until my confidence level improves to talk about how food is helping me Master my Body.

So then, you ask, what will I be talking about in this category for the time being?  Other aspects of physical well being.  Mastering Body and physical health can be, and is, so much more than diet and exercise.  There are so many other things that go into physically feeling whole and healthy.

This week, my self-care included a reflexology appointment.  Reflexology believes that massage and pressure on the bottoms of one’s feet can help identify and possibly alleviate internal physical ailments in the rest of the body.  A very dear friend of mine is a reflexologist and sold me on it’s benefits years ago.  I don’t make appointment as often as I would like, but I love my experience when I do have the chance to have them.

Even if I didn’t believe in the internal physical benefits of reflexology, how nice does it feel to have a foot massage?!  And, with the amount of running I (typically) do, my feet can always use a little TLC.

I just thought it was important to point out that taking care of the ONE BODY you have been given includes so many other things besides diet and exercise.  I will talk about other self-care ideas as future weeks unfold.

Any physical self-care techniques you use or are particularly interested in hearing about?

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