Friday, February 8, 2013

Mastering Mind: Attitude Switch

Several months ago, I was struggling to find job motivation.  My client load was less than ideal, the drive was taxing and the staff was changing, so things felt unstable. I didn’t want to go in.  I didn’t want to do anything extra.  I just wanted clients to appear without me doing any work to gain them. 

I slowly began to realize that maybe I was the problem and not all the environmental factors I kept blaming.  Why would a potential (or existing) client want to come and utilize my services, if even I didn’t want to be there?

As I stepped back and evaluated all of these things, I realized I had control of two very basic, but incredibly powerful things; my attitude and qualities as a therapist. 

So I changed the internal monologue that went on in my head.  Instead of being upset about driving in for just one client, I would be thankful, because one was better than none.  Instead of focusing on giving up my Saturdays, I focused on how many people went without therapy services because most counselors are unavailable on weekends.

Then, I shifted my focus to being the best therapist I can be to my existing clients.  This isn’t to say that I was being neglectful before this realization, but I promptly stepped up my game. I was reading more books, looking at more resources, seeking more supervision and consultation.  Through all of this, I realized these clients were going to be my best advertisement.  If they liked the services they were receiving, hopefully they would tell others.

These tricks worked; I gained more clients and got my first ever direct referral from a previous client!

Sometimes solving the seemingly impossible challenges, is just as simple as changing your perspective, changing your mind to see and act differently and switching up your attitude about the scenario.

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