Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mastering Spirit: 40 Day Practices

Since January 5th, I have been leading a 40 day transformational practice at work.  Previously this workshop was run by my bosses (I talk about it a bit here), but this year they went on a January vacation, so I took the reigns.

For 40 days, I meditated daily, did 8 sun salutations daily and chanted 3 separate Sanskrit mantras daily.  Then once a week, I led a class that included a Chakra lesson, group discussion, a group mantra chant and a group meditation.

This has been an amazing experience for me, both personally and professionally, which  is something I will talk about in a future post, because my transformational journey is not over yet!!

40 days from January 5th is today, February 13th.  Today is, coincidentally, also Ash Wednesday, which, in the Catholic faith, begins the 40 day practice of Lent.

So today, I close one 40 day practice and have the opportunity to start a new one.  This 40 day practice will look slightly different, but I know the results will compound each other.

I hope to share this journey with all of you and wish good luck to those of you looking to make positive changes this year also!

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