Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interviewee becomes interviewer

Exactly one year (to the day), after my interview at work, I was handed a stack of new intern applications to familarize myself with because 2nd round interviews will be conducted by me!

It is bittersweet.  And throws into harsh reality for me what the next couple of months will be bringing my way.  I have to complete practicum, apply for and take the liscensing exam and find a job.  Hopefully, all this can be accomplished by September 1 (at the latest)!

I am sad to leave practicum because I have wonderful supervision, guidance, and support there.  But, I am excited to actually get paid for all this hard and mentally exhausting work I am doing.  No more babysitting.  Stable salary.  Set schedule.  Basically, I want to start my adult life.

I cannot think of a better way to become an adult, then conduct interviews for your replacement.  What questions should I ask?

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