Monday, March 11, 2013

Mastering Body: Feeling Sick

I have managed to make it through most of this winter’s cold and flu season without feeling sick.  Until this weekend…

Saturday I felt fine during work, but then during my afternoon run, I really struggled.  I powered through and even went to my nephews birthday party that night.  After the party, the Pilot wanted to go meet up with a buddy for a few beers and I just knew I couldn’t do it.  I had the Pilot drop me off at home, told him to have a great time and I crawled into bed at about 9:30.

I slept off and on and into Sunday morning I progressively felt worse and worse each time I woke up.  Sore throat, scratchy voice, low energy, dizzy upon standing, labored breathing, and slightly achy.  I took yesterday “off,” as best I know how.  I still did laundry and dusted, but didn’t work out and tried to lay in bed.  The Pilot was amazingly attentive.  If he hadn’t responded so awesomely, I probably wouldn’t be a work today.

I feel better today than I did yesterday, but still not great.  I have zero concentration which made driving to work and therapy very difficult tasks.  But again, I’m going to power through.  I’m going to do less than I would on a completely healthy day, but more than I would do on a completely sick day.

When you are sick, do you muscle through and keep going?  Or do you rest and recuperate?  I try to find a balance between both approaches, but sometimes my body just won’t do as much as I want it to or it takes so long I get frustrated and stop.  everything feels so much more laborious when I’m sick.

I am incredibly thankful I am not down and out with the flu, but having a cold is frustrating because there is really nothing you can do other than let it run it’s course and I’m not a very patient person…

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