Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mastering Body: My Return to Bikram Yoga

To be perfectly honest, exercising and eating right has been a serious struggle this week.  I know all the reasons I have to take good care of myself (long, healthy life with my future husband, being healthy for my future children, fitting into my wedding dress, etc), but I just can’t seem to muster up the energy to make it to the gym or make healthy food choices.

This struggle resulted in no trips to the gym Tuesday and Wednesday and a series of text messages with the Pilot discussing motivation and energy.  But then, Thursday rolled around and it was my day off.  I decided if I can’t make time to work out on my day off, I’ll never find time to do it when I’m busy.  So, I got my butt to the gym and completed a simple speedwork run (5x400).  It’s only been 3 days, but I’m hoping that was the run that got me back on track.

Yesterday, the struggle returned.  I’ve been away from Bikram Yoga for exactly a month now (for financial reasons) and finally thought I could afford to return, which was my intention for yesterday’s workout.  However, about an hour before class I found myself in an emotional down place and considered skipping yoga class (and thus a workout) for a glass of wine.  Then, I recalled Caitlin’s recent post about healthy coping skills and realized 90 minutes of yoga would be the ultimate mood booster.  Of course I was right.  I had great first class back and was able to concentrate only on yoga for those 90 minutes (what was bothering me prior to class wasn’t thought about once).

And today again, I had no desire to go to the gym after a horrible night’s sleep and an early wake-up call for work.  So I compromised with myself, just make it to the gym and do another simple run.  I complete 2.16 miles (the number seems random I know, but it was selected for a purpose) and then went home to complete 8 sun salutations.  Now, I’m barely tired anymore.

As for my diet, I’ve laid out one simple goal inspired by one of Tina’s recent blog posts.  Make sure to include protein with every meal.  I’m hopeful that consuming more protein will improve my overall energy level.

Cheers to blogging 3 times this week, as outlined by my new years resolutions!

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