Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jojo and the Pilot make plans for the future

No.  I am NOT engaged.  I am certainly NOT married. 

But after two years of dating (remember this Friday night or our first summer together?) the Pilot and I moved in together!!

I have claimed to hate the 4th of July, but that sentiment is gradually changing.  This year especially, because that was the weekend I moved into my boyfriend's apartment permanently. 

He said it best, we were celebrating my independence that weekend.  I had my masters degree.  I had my adult, real world job.  I was living with my boyfriend (independent from the help of my parents).  Mostly it was exciting to celebrate the progression of our relationship and the healthy approach we have taken with every step of the relationship.

It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies that weekend.  In fact, it was quite overwhelming with many tears.  But now I can look back on it with a smile and say all my worries were for nothing because I've never been happier.

Even though I'm learning it takes a lot of hard work, motivation and discipline to run a household, stay on top of the laundry, get the dishes washed and occasionally cook.

I'm working on it though.  Because these plans with the Pilot have afforded me the opportunity to live my life the way I always wanted too.

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