Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I might be eating pizza

But I can.  Today I went to Bikram Yoga and worked my ass off for 90 minutes.  Blood, sweat, tears and contorting my body into positions I never knew possible, certainly deserves a celebratory pizza.

Also;  I’ve lost 15 pounds since August 10, 2010.  At one point the pounds lost was actually 19.  No matter the number, the most important and wonderful thing is, that I fit my body into a size 8 dress for White House/Black Market!


The combination of Bikram yoga, running, weights, and Weight Watchers has really helped me to build self confidence and a positive body image.

And just an fyi, the pizza is thin crust and frozen, so I am completely in control of how many calories I am taking in.

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