Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy and having fun

  • I bought hot silver pumps to go with my "smokey teal" wear-to-weddings dress and now I'm completely obsessed with them.
  • The previously mentioned dressed blessed me with many compliments and two broken straps which were fixed in MacGyver fashion with paperclips.
  • The healthy competition between The Pilot and I has turned into more of a support group than a competition. Complete with him finding me a bookmark folder full of 9 diet and exercise websites and a 10 mile bike ride and picnic last weekend.
  • I've started running sprints!
  • Big Brother is back.
  • Kooza and Marche on Friday.
  • Sports with smarts and wit.
  • "It's better to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of someone else."
  • Holland, Michigan or Sandusky, Ohio?
  • Jimmy Buffett concert.
  • Working diligently on a "friends with exes" blog.

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