Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mastering Mind, Body & Spirit: September Success

Ok, enough.  It’s January.  I had planned on writing all about my September successes in October.  Obviously, that worked out well Winking smile

The worst part about not writing about my September success, is that I have so many other things I want to be writing about.  But, because of some extreme personal insecurities, I refuse to log on to the blog.  Looking at the blog, reminds me of writing failures and commitment inconsistencies.

However, today, I am exercising a different attitude.  So what if I’ve been writing inconsistently for months and years?  I can start again today.  I can just get up and keep trying. 

But before I get up and try again, I am going to very quickly and very succinctly close out the September Success series.  So without all the background and dramatic details, here are the two amazing things I accomplished in September 2012:

  • I got licensed in the state of Illinois as a Licensed Professional Counselor
  • I ran my first marathon in 4:45:02


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